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Why didn't I receive my email notifications?
If you didn't receive an email notification from us, there are a few different steps you can try to figure out the issue:
  • Make sure your email address is correct: We might be sending emails to an old or incorrect email address. To see or change the email address associated with your account, log into your GoGet account from a desktop computer and follow the steps below:
    • Go to My Profile
    • Select My Details
    • Look for the email address field. Make sure your address is correct
    • If it's incorrect, click Change
    • Because your email address forms part of your profile verifications, GoGet will send you an email to verify your new address
    • Click the link in the verification email and your email address will be verified and changed
  • Search all emails in your email inbox: Sometimes emails can get lost in your inbox. In your email account, search for terms like "GoGet", "Verification", or other words related to the email you're looking for.
  • Check your spam and email filters: It's possible that your email provider mistakenly sent our emails to your spam or junk folder. To avoid this:
    • Remove GoGet emails from your spam list
    • Add, and to your personal email address book
    If you have other filters or routine rules in your email account that may have sorted GoGet emails elsewhere, be sure to check those , too.
  • Check for issues with your email service provider: Depending on your provider, emails can take up to a few hours to be delivered. If undelivered or delayed emails continue to be an issue, check with your provider to see if there are any configuration issues or problems with their network that might be affecting your account.
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