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How does GoGet handle security deposits?
GoGet requires renters to pay a damage co-payment in the form of a security deposit, per rental.
Damage co-payment amounts are determined as follows:
  • 10% of gear valued at less than R5000
  • 5% of gear valued at more than R5000
The damage co-payment will either:
  • be refunded to the renter upon successful return of the owner's gear
  • be used to pay partially-or in full for damage or loss incurred during the rental period whilst the gear was in possession of the renter
If an owner wants to submit a claim, they must do so within 48 hours after the return date. If a claim is made, GoGet will mediate as necessary.
Damage co-payments can't be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our terms.
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Can a security deposit be collected outside of the GoGet website?
No. To make sure renter payments are protected and to ensure that owners are properly compensated for rental damages, we ask that all security deposits be handled through the GoGet website. Payments outside of the GoGet website, including security deposits, are a violation of our Terms of Service.
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